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Glauber Equipment Corporation’s Lancaster, New York office is also home to Glauber Packaged Systems. This division of Glauber Equipment Corporation creates custom systems for special projects being used all over the world. The Packaged Systems group consists of a dedicated team of Engineers and Fabricators with design/ build capabilities for any compressed air or liquid application including pump systems, compressed air systems, specialty gas compression systems, landfill gas treatment systems, blower/vacuum systems and instrument air packages. We also offer engineering services and a wide range of standard system designs.


Application specialties include skid mounted systems for the removal of water, carbon dioxide, oxygenate, sulfur compounds from gases, solvents and liquefied petroleum gas. A wide variety of technologies are incorporated using pumps, motors, compressors, controls, heat exchangers and accessories such as bladder tanks, pressure transducers, pressure and flow instrumentation, gauges and UL rated panels. 


Demineralized Water Pumps for St. Clair Energy Centre, Ontario, Canada                                  CTG Closed Cooling Water Skid for St. Claire Energy Centre, Ontario, Canada                  


Treated Water Pump Skid for Alaoji Power Plant Project, Nigeria

Instrument Air Packages/Compressed Air Skids

GEC offers engineering knowledge and experience in the design of a wide range of compressed air packaged systems to meet any customer's specific application. The controls and equipment that use compressed air are highly technical. We have the expertise required to meet the needs of this dynamic industry and develop systems that provide trouble free performance.

BTEC Turbines LP Instrument Air Skid

(2) Atlas Copco GX18 Compressors, (2) desiccant CD dryers, (2) 120 gallon air receivers and associated accessories

Hitachi USA - Myanmar Power Station Compressed Air Skid

(1) Atlas Copco ZT Oil Free Compressor, desiccant dryer, 1040 gallon air receiver, after cooler and accessories

Pall Advanced Separation Systems, Skidded Compressor Assembly, Cortland, NY

TIC (The Industrial Company) Mustang Station Unit 4, Golden Spread Electric Instrument Air Package

Landfill Gas Control Packages

Landfill gas control systems are designed to control air pollution (limit emissions of greenhouse or harmful gases, prevent nuisance odor conditions), control the migration of explosive gasses and to protect the landfill cover system by preventing uplift damage to a geomembrane cap or impacts to the vegetative layer. Landfill gas can be managed by either a passive or an active gas control systems. The design of a landfill gas control system is site specific.

Ecovation-Kraft Biogas Compression Booster Skid, Lowville, NY

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