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Glauber Equipment Corporation (GEC) has been providing high quality Blower, Compressor, and Pump Systems across Upstate and Western New York since our founding in 1960. We support a vast array of industries by providing solutions for their fluid, air and gas system needs. These industries include; Food/Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Chemical, Textile, Agriculture, Semiconductor/Nanotech, and many others. In 2015, Glauber Equipment divided the company into specialized business units to better serve our customers. GEC Industrial Valves, Gauges & Filters is uniquely equipped to handle your equipment needs for both fluid applications as well as air/gas systems. The GEC Industrial Pumps division specializes in handling any fluid system needs. Additionally, GEC Industrial Air division specializes in air/gas sales and service.

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We carry a wide variety of valves:

We proudly distribute the following brands of valves: Check-All Valve, Control Devices, DK-Lok, Equilibar, Flo-tite, Jefferson, Kerotest, Kunkle, OPW, Pratt, Smith-Cooper, Straval, Titan Flow Control, Walworth & Watson McDaniel 
  CheckAll Valve Control Devices, LLC   Equilibar Precision Pressure Control  FLO TITE  Jefferson Solenoid Valves  Kerotest  Kunkle Valves  OPW Sight Flow Indicators  Pratt Butterfly Valves  Smith-Cooper Valves and Fittings  STRAVAL   Titan Flow Control  Walworth  Watson McDaniel

We carry a wide variety of gauges / instrumentation:

We proudly distribute the following brands of gauges / instrumentation: API/Cecomp, Differential Pressure Plus, Inc., Dwyer, Heatcraft, Hyett, Mac-Weld, PIC Gauges, Sensotec, RCM Industries & Tel-Tru. 
API  Cecomp  Differential Pressure Plus  Dweyer  HeatcraftHyettMac-Weld  PIC Gauges  Sensortec RCM Industries  TEL-TRU

We carry a wide variety of filters: 

We proudly distribute the following brands filtration products: Headline Filters, Monnier, NAFCO, NANO, Parker (Full Flow, Domnick Hunter, Air Tek), & Strainrite. 
Headline Filters  Monnier Inc.  NAFCO Filters  Nano purification solutions  Parker Full Flow, Parker Domnick Hunter, Parker Air TekStrainrite Filtration

We carry Hoses:

GEC Industrial Valve, Gauges & Filters